Stress Control Suite

The Stress Control Suite is a 2-modality mini-suite that can be used to teach clients to recognize the physiological symptoms of stress, and increase self-regulation efficiency.

  • Teach classic, effective relaxation methods for self-regulation
  • Monitor physiological stress response through arousal and peripheral temperature
  • Protocols for a stress test, guided relaxation, breathing relaxation, binaural beat relaxation, and open session training
  • 5-Activity Stress Excel Report quickly shows the arousal level of the client during stressor activities as measured against the baseline


The HRV Suite is a simple, tool for clinicians looking to add Heart Rate Variability biofeedback.

  • Assess, train, and teach tools to improve quality of life
  • Objectively & quickly evaluate current state with the HRV 3-Step Assessment Report
  • Progress training and increase heart rate variability metrics with 5 feedback screens
  • Enhance training with the optional blood pressure monitor (sold separately)

HRV Suite Brochure

HRV Video Presentation

Reaction Time Suite

The Reaction Time Suite™ is an essential tool for any Peak Performance training hoping to completely bridge to the gap between the mind and body.

  • Train Go/NoGo, starting gate, or left/right reactions
  • Context-specific application to teach athletes how to find their optimal performance state
  • Event-by-event review
  • Time-locked physiological data analysis
  • Conduct the IVA/TOVA continuous performances tests
  • Fine-tune your athletes minds


CardioPro is an advanced HRV analysis and reporting module that gives the clinician the ability to perform advanced statistical analysis on IBI data recorded with an EKG or finger pulse sensor.

  • Processes EKG or BVP waveforms to precisely detect beats & generate tables of IBI data
  • Computes standard HRV metrics (SDNN, NN50, PNN50, RMSSD, HR Max-Min)
  • Reprocess data in epoch durations of 1, 3, 5, or 10 minutes
  • Directly access sessions recorded in our BioGraph Software
  • Also provides power spectrum analysis for ANS balance and vagal tone
  • Automatic or manual normalization of IBI data
  • Import and analyze IBI data from other HRV software packages
  • Export normalized IBI and statistical data to third-party applications, including excel