Thought Technology's physiological biofeedback systems provide the optimal clinical tools for stress assessments, relaxation training and teaching self regulation, etc. Whatever your needs are, we have a system for you:

  • A full range of precise sensing devices.
  • Multimodality systems combining 2, 5, 8 or 10 channels.
  • Powerful software for recording, reviewing and reporting.
  • Clinical systems or home trainers.

The General Biofeedback Solution will enable you to do the following types of biofeedback:

  • Surface EMG: 1 or 2 channels of electromyography, for learning relaxation and stress control, helping teach awareness of head, neck and low back muscle tension, or training voluntary relaxation of specific muscle groups.
  • Skin Conductance: help develop an awareness of learned stress responses and teach basic self-regulation skills.
  • Temperature: train for increasing peripheral temperature and controlling unconscious stress responses.
  • Respiration: 1 or 2 channels of respiration, for abdominal and (optionally) thoracic breathing training. Slow deep abdominal breathing helps with relaxation and can be used for lowering the heart rate.
  • HRV: Heart rate variability training screens monitor respiration and heart rate, using a blood volume pulse (BVP) or an EKG sensor, and are useful for respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) training or to expand the adaptive range of the cardiovascular system (by increasing variability).
  • Multi-modality and Physiological profiling (need ProComp Infiniti encoder and multiple sensors).
  • Assessment Scripts for Stress Assessment, and Pre- or Post-Training Baseline Assessment (need ProComp Infiniti encoder and multiple sensors).